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Onderzoeken naar afbouwmedicatie in taperingstrips

      Therapeutic advances in psychopharmacology, 10.


  • Outcome of Antidepressant Drug Discontinuation with Taperingstrips after 1-5 Years. Groot, P. C., & van Os, J. (2020).  Therapeutic advances in psychopharmacology, 10. 


  • Groot, P. C., & van Os, J. (2021). Successful use of tapering strips for hyperbolic reduction of antidepressant dose - a cohort study.
    Therapeutic advances in psychopharmacology 2021,

Hyperbool afbouwen

Newer generation antidepressants and withdrawal effects
Dr. Mark Horowitz, Division of Psychiatry, University College, London, UK
Michael Wilcock, Pharmacy, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Truro, UK

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